2023-12-13–PDSCW – Hike Report


PDSCW Hike Report

Alameda Open Space North – Albuquerque

Hike Report Sent By: Marilyn Fixer

Hike Distance (mi): 3.9
Elevation Change (ft): 15
Total Uphill (ft): 15
Total Downhill (ft): 15


Seven hikers showed up today, on a day when a storm was supposed to roll in. The hike was supposed to be Michael Emery to Elena Gallegos. We arrived at the trailhead, got out of the van, and started up the trail heading north into a 20-30 mph wind. After about 5 steps I decided to abort the hike. We conferred back in the van, and a hike in the Bosque sounded like a better choice. We got down there, no wind, and pleasant temperature. We walked along the ditch to start with. Never have I seen so many mallards in one place! On the way back we walked along the river, which was flowing well. After a 4 mi hike, we stopped at a Flying Star for a snack.

Thanks to everyone who made the best of a windy day.

Information: Click here to go to the hike web page where you may view the hike map, trailhead directions, how to do the actual hike, and download the hike GPS files.

Hike Leader(s): Marilyn Warrant  

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