Ad-Hoc Hikes

What Are They?

Ad-Hoc hikes are hikes that are not associated with any senior center and are similar to “meet-up” hikes where you drive yourself to the trailhead or carpool with other hikers. They are managed using a separate WordPress plugin on the ASCHG website. Hike leaders can submit hikes twice a week (on Wednesdays and Sundays) that are usually posted that evening. Hike leaders provide a standard set of information about the hike (e.g., the hike name and level of difficulty, the meet time and meet location, the hike distance and total uphill, and directions to the trailhead). Hikes that are already in our collection are linked to. The hike leader also specifies a limit for the number of hikers and can add other information about the hike. Since the Ad-Hoc hikes aren’t tied to a specific center, and do not rely on vans, we can start them any time of day. Hike leaders can create Hike Reports for their hikes (see the ones issued so far by clicking on Ad-Hoc Hike Reports List under the Hikes menu tab).

How Do I Sign Up for an Ad-Hoc Hike?

You sign up online. Find the current list of available Ad-Hoc hikes by logging in, then going to the Hikes menu tab on the ASCHG website and clicking on “Ad-Hoc Hikes Sign Up”. The page will show you how many slots are open and you can see who has already signed up. Please follow the instructions. If you have questions, contact the hike (“event”) leader. We will be continuing occasional Ad-Hoc hikes.

How Do I Submit an Ad-Hoc Hike?

If you have been assigned the hike leader role, log in then go to “Submit Ad-Hoc Hike” under the Admin menu tab. Follow the instructions and be sure to Save the form. If you don’t see the Admin tab on your screen, send a message via the Contact Us form under the Communications menu tab so that we can add you to the set of hike leaders.


Ad-Hoc hikes were created during the Covid-19 pandemic when senior centers were closed or had opened with limited activities. The first Ad-Hoc hikes were held in mid-May of 2021. We had intended to phase them out once we got the senior center hiking programs up and running again. However, they provide flexibility when conditions are changing (e.g., the 2022 fire season), so we’re retaining them for the time being.