Our Hiking Groups

Most senior centers and fitness centers have only one hiking group. For these centers, the group abbreviation is the same as the center abbreviation. For the centers that have more than one hiking group, the group abbreviation is the center abbreviation followed by one or more letters indicative of that particular group. For example, the Palo Duro Senior Center’s Saturday hiking group’s name is PDSCS, PDSC plus S for Saturday.
Group NameGroup Full NameHiking DayAlternates WithUsual Meet Time
BCSCBear Canyon Senior Center Hiking GroupThursdayNVSC8:00 AM
HSCHighland Senior Center Hiking GroupTuesdayPDSCT8:00 AM
LV-FITLos Volcanes Fitness Center Hiking GroupWednesdayNDB-FIT8:00 AM
LVSCLos Volcanes Senior Center Hiking GroupFridayNDBMC8:45 AM
NDB-FITNorth Domingo Baca Fitness Center Hiking GroupWednesdayLV-FIT8:00 AM
NDBMCNorth Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center Hiking GroupFridayLVSC7:45 AM
NVSCNorth Valley Senior Center Hiking GroupThursdayBCSC8:00 AM
PD-FITPalo Duro Fitness Center Hiking GroupMonday(none)7:00 AM
PDSCSPalo Duro Senior Center - Saturday Hiking GroupSaturday(none)8:45 AM
PDSCTPalo Duro Senior Center - Tuesday Hiking GroupTuesdayHSC8:00 AM

Fitness Center Hiking Groups

PD-FIT, LV-FIT, and NDB-FIT are operated separately from the Senior and Multigenerational Centers. They hold sign-up events twice a year where hikers can sign up for hikes from any of the fitness centers for the following 3-4 months. Hikers must fill out a registration form and liability waiver for each hiking season. Hikers can also contact PD-FIT to sign up for a hike at any of the fitness centers. The hiking season for these groups is April through October.

If you cancel 24 hours before the hike you will receive a refund of any transportation fees at the end of the hiking season. (You may leave a cancellation message on the PD-FIT voicemail system.) If the trip is full and you’re on the wait list, you can show up the morning of the trip and become eligible to go if there is a ‘no show’ from the roster.

Senior and Multigenerational Center Hiking Groups

The remaining hiking groups hike all year. Call the center to sign up and reserve a seat for each upcoming hike. Dates that signups start are listed for each hike in the Hike Schedule. Drop-ins are accommodated if van space is available and no special hiker limits will be exceeded. For the North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, hikes are open to all 18+ and 50+ Multigenerational Center members and 50+ Senior Center members.