Hike Coordinator’s Responsibilities

ABQ Downtown

Last Update: February 17, 2020


The hike coordinator serves as the primary communication link between the senior center hiking group or fitness center hiking group and the City of Albuquerque management team for that particular center. The hike coordinator helps to recognize and solve any problems and/or issues which may arise from time to time.

The hike coordinator communicates information about the hiking group to the hikers interested in that group.

The secondary hike coordinator assists the primary hike coordinator and is responsible for fulfilling the duties of the primary hike coordinator if not available.


The hike coordinator develops the schedule for the hiking group and makes changes to that schedule when necessary.

The hike coordinator selects the hike leaders who will lead the hikes in the hiking group schedule and the van drivers who will drive for these hikes, or concurs when they volunteer.

The hike coordinator of a specific hiking group may delegate any part of these tasks to others. Responsibility, however, remains with the hike coordinator.