Sorting Rules and Header Definitions

Sorting Rules

Click anywhere in a column header to sort that column. Shift-click to sort on multiple columns. Refresh the page to reset the sort.

The indicators mean:

no sort, ascending sort,  descending sort.

To change a column’s sort sequence, click anywhere in the column header.

Header Definitions

Region: Area in New Mexico where the hike takes place.
Hk Cls: Hike class. Hike’s difficulty rating, from A (easy), B (moderate), C (challenging), D (difficult) to E (most difficult). See Hike Class Definitions.
Hk Mi: Hike distance, round trip
Elev Chg: Distance in feet between the lowest and highest elevation on the hike.
Ttl Up: Total uphill in feet. Usually the same as the total downhill.
Dr Mi RT: Drive distance, round trip
Dr Tm 1W: Drive time, one way
On Trl: “Yes” when all parts of the hike are on constructed, maintained trails intended for hiking/biking, not on lava rock, and without stream crossings.
Paved or Gravel Rds: “Yes” when all access roads to the hike trailhead are either paved or good gravel (not dirt).
GPS Adv: “Yes” when a GPS is advised to locate the trailhead and/or to conduct the hike as described.

Any: You can sign up for the hike at the fitness centers registration event or at any other date afterwards.