Website Roles

Website RoleWhat You Can View and Do
AnyoneView schedule, most hike descriptions, responsibilities, and most Tools. Send comments or questions via a contact form.
HikerMust be logged in. View schedule that includes hike leaders and van drivers, all hike descriptions, and hikers. View Flora-Fauna menu tab.
Hike ContributorDevelop a new hike description.  View hikes in any status.  If you are the text author of a hike description without a named Maintainer, revise the text and data and add representative photos.
Hike EditorCheck hike descriptions for completeness and consistency according to the Editor's Checklist in How to Write a Hike Description.  Communicate comments to the author of a hike description with status "waiting editor." With the concurrence of the author, revise the hike description. Publish the hike description when it is complete. 
MaintainerFor any hike description you maintain, update it as needed and post representative photos.
Hike LeaderSend hike change notices. Develop and send a hike report for a hike you led.
Hike CoordinatorCreate and maintain schedules for your group(s).  Send broadcast email messages to hikers interested in the specific hiking group(s).  Send Hike Change Notices. Develop and send a hike report for a hike done by your group(s). 
MembershipApprove registration of new hikers.
Planning CoordinatorAt the request of one or more hike coordinators, arrange for and conduct meetings to schedule hikes for their groups. 
Email CoordinatorSend broadcast email messages to all or a subset of registered hikers.
Region CoordinatorKeep the Region map up to date.
Flower ContributorAdd flowers to flower section. Post flower photos. Contribute flower sightings by season and region.
Flower EditorApprove additions to flowers or flower photos posted by Flower Contributors.
AdministratorView and use most of the functionality of the website. Reviews hike data for consistency. Arranges for new Maintainers. (Not responsible for code.)
WebmasterView all and change all.