Overnight Trip – PD-FIT – Pendaries Area, Fall 2014 – Las Vegas

Monday, 10/13/14

Rating C
Hike Miles 17.0
Elevation Gain 3350
Hike Time 9:59

For our overnight hiking trip, we headed to Rociada, NM where we stayed at Pendaries Lodge. Our rooms were clean, comfortable, and we had 4 pillows each on our queen beds and enjoyed delicious hot breakfast at the golf snack bar. The breakfast burritos were especially good. Our first hike was the Maestas Trail and the Lost Lake spur trail. The aspen were in full color, glorifying the mountainsides. 11 of our 22 hikers made it to Lost Lake, negotiating an average grade of 14.7%, and an ascent of 1562 ft. We hiked 5.0 miles. The lake and aspen covered ridge were awesome. We took 19,700 steps the first day. After hiking we had a funfilled happy hour and our Pendaries contact, Don, gave us the scoop on the next day’s hike.

The second day we headed west of Las Vegas to El Porvenir Canyon. For this hike we had 9 river crossings an 2 bridge crossings each way. One was a covered, wooden bridge and the other was a swinging bridge. We hiked along the river enjoying the constant, soothing sound of running water. At our lunch spot, we sat upon smooth boulders near a small waterfall. The river was so crystal clear we were able to watch the trout feeding. Some of us continued up the trail after lunch hiking a total distance of 7 miles, over 26,000 steps, and an ascent of 480 ft.

After our hike we headed to Las Vegas where Keya gave us an excellent tour and history of this important town along the Santa Fe Trail. A few hikers skipped the tour to enjoy the arm waters of the Montezuma world College hot springs. We even saw the Sheriff’s office where the TV series, Longmire, was filmed. Then we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Dick’s bar and grill including yummy homemade brownies with ice cream and creme brûlée! And let’s not forget the tall refreshing margaritas!! When we returned to Pendaries, most were too tired to have another happy hour but a few enjoyed a night cap while viewing the Milky Way in the clear starry night sky.

Our 3rd hike was to Gascon Point. We hiked up the jeep trail to the trailhead that started alongside of Gene Hackman’s mountain home. The start of the trail was wet and swampy. One hiker slipped on a wet log and sat down in a mucky pool of water. So she and another hiker returned to the van for a clothing change. Luckily the suitcases were in the van and so was a bottle of vino which they enjoyed while waiting for our return. They said they saw Gene Hackman drive by. We hiked up the rocky trail enjoying the aspen and colorful quartz, feldspar and schist glistening in the sun. We hiked 5 miles with an 1115 ft ascent and 17,800 steps. We had a thoroughly enjoyable trip. So volunteer to lead a hike for the 2015 Fitness Centers’ hikes to reserve a place on our 2015 overnight adventure.

Hike Leaders Cindy McConnell and Vivian Heyward

Photo Album 1 Maestas and Lost Lake Trails Viv’s album
Photo Album 2 El Porvenir Canyon Trail. Viv’s album
Photo Album 3 Gascon Point Trail. Viv’s album