Adding an Ad-Hoc Hike

(For Webmasters)

Each Wednesday and Sunday evenings between 5 PM and 8 PM (if possible), check for any newly submitted Ad-Hoc hikes under Admin -> View Submitted Ad-Hoc Hikes. Use

to fill out a new sheet in the Sign-up Sheets plugin. After you’ve entered the hike, change the status of the hike (in the Ad-Hoc hike itself) to “Posted”.

The evening before a scheduled hike, go to the Sign-up Sheets plugin, choose the Ad-Hoc hike sheet, and click on View Sign-ups. Unclick all options in Column Visibility except for #, Name, Email, and Phone. Save in an acceptable format and email it to the hike leader.

After a hike has concluded, change its status to either “Completed” or “Cancelled”.