Flowers, How To

As of February 2021, there are over 600 different wildflowers that bloom in New Mexico that have been identified by our hikers. Most of these flowers have been seen on senior hikes. For each wildflower you will find a web reference with photos. In addition, we have developed an album of flowers from botanical references so that you can quickly review images of all the flowers organized by color. See this under Reference Flowers.

To Find Out Which Flowers You Might See on a Hike

Go to Flower Sightings and enter the region and season in the search box. You may also print this list as a flower checklist.

To Add Flower Sightings

When you go on a hike, make a list of the flowers you see (it helps if you take a photo and check the identification after the hike). You can use the current set of flowers from a flower checklist to compare your photos with those posted so far. If there is no sighting listed for the region/season of your hike, report the sighting to a Flower Editor.

Hikers who are Flower Contributors may add new flowers or flower photos. If you have a great flower photo but no desire to post it yourself, contact a Flower Contributor or Flower Editor who will help you.

To Add a New Photo for a Flower

Try to determine the Latin name for the flower in your photo. Click on Add Flower Photos under the Flora-Fauna menu tab. Click on that Latin Name and a page for that flower will appear. Click on the web reference to verify that your photo is a close enough match to the flower on the page. Then click on the Flower Key link to add a photo. Read the Photos Instructions for filenames and captions. Then follow the instructions and upload a photo from your computer hard drive. The caption should include the hike on which you took the photo or the region where you found the flower. Photos may be taken anywhere, not just on our hikes.

The Flower Editor will contact you if there are questions about your entry.

To Add a New Flower to the Flowers List

It is quite possible that your flower will be new to the list. First, check the current Flowers List to see if your flower is already on our list. To be included, the plant must grow in the state of New Mexico. You may use the U.S. Department of Agriculture website; enter the Latin name in the search box and check the map that appears. Other ways to determine distribution are consulting the Southwest Colorado Wildflowers website or the Wildflowers of New Mexico website.

Locate a similar photo in one of the recommended wildflower books or web resources given in the Plants section of the Hiking Resources page. Note the common and Latin name and the plant family name used in your photo source as well as the web reference.

If your flower is a new one, go to Flora-Fauna and click on Add Flower. On the input form, enter Latin Name and Latin Family (copy and paste from your source to reduce typos), Common Name(s), choose the Color and select an Flower Editor to review your entry. For the web reference, copy and paste the URL of the website page you used to verify the sighting. (Use botanical websites if at all possible, not Wikipedia or other general posting site.) If you can find the flower in a reference book but not on a website, inform the editor in the Note to Editor section.

After you save your entry, the website will send an email message to the Flower Editors that a new flower is available for review. After you have added a flower to the list, add supporting photos taken by you or other hikers.