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2021-07-01 – Piedra Lisa South 2021-07-01 Carl Gervais Piedra Lisa South None C (Challenging) 10 8:00 AM Trailhead Half-Day Not Yet Posted
2021-06-28 – Los Poblanos ditch walk 2021-06-28 Joan Weissman Other Los Poblanos ditch walk A (Easy) 12 8:30 AM Rio Grande Place NW: Turn west onto Rio Grande Place from Rio Grande Blvd, north of Montano, just south of the big curve (at Eakes Road). Park in dirt lot by the ditch, a block west of the turnoff. More parking on street. Half-Day Posted
2021-06-25 – Ellis-Survey Loop 2021-06-25 Carl Gervais Ellis-Survey Loop None C (Challenging) 10 8:30 AM Smith's parking lot SE corner. Tramway and Central. We will carpool from there. All-Day Posted
2021-06-23 – El Porvenir 2021-06-23 Frank Ernst El Porvenir None B (Moderate) 10 9:00 AM West parking area of Lowe's at I-25 and Paseo All-Day Cancelled
2021-06-21 – Alameda Open Space North 2021-06-21 Carl Gervais Alameda Open Space North None A (Easy) 14 8:30 AM Trailhead Half-Day Posted
2021-06-18 – Pueblo Lateral South to Los Ranchos 2021-06-18 Carl Gervais Pueblo Lateral South to Los Ranchos None A (Easy) 14 8:30 AM Trailhead Half-Day Posted
2021-06-15 – Tecolote – Balsam Glade – Capulin 2021-06-15 Marilyn Warrant Tecolote - Balsam Glade - Capulin None B (Moderate) 14 8:00 AM Southwest corner of Smith's parking lot (Tramway & Central) All-Day Completed
2021-06-09 – 10K South – Crest 2021-06-09 Carl Gervais 10K South - Crest None C (Challenging) 20 9:30 AM Trailhead Half-Day Completed
2021-06-04 – La Luz Spur – Kiwanis Cabin Loop 2021-06-04 Carl Gervais La Luz Spur - Kiwanis Cabin Loop None C (Challenging) 10 9:30 AM Trailhead Half-Day Completed
2021-06-03 – San Antonio Canyon Trail 2021-06-03 Frank Ernst San Antonio Canyon Trail None B (Moderate) 10 9:15 AM West parking lot of Home Depot on Hwy. 550 West of Bernalillo, Give drivers for car pooling a fair donation. All-Day Completed
2021-05-28 – Sandia North Peak 2021-05-28 Carl Gervais Other Sandia North Peak B (Moderate) 10 9:30 AM North end of the crest parking lot Half-Day Completed
2021-05-21 – Faulty Loop 2021-05-21 Carl Gervais Faulty Loop None C (Challenging) 8 9:00 AM Trailhead Half-Day Completed
2021-05-18 – Embudo Foothills Loop 2021-05-18 Marilyn Warrant Embudo Foothills Loop None B (Moderate) 8 8:00 AM Trailhead (at the east end of Indian School). Half-Day Completed