Submit Flower Sighting


  • Only report wildflower sightings within New Mexico.
  • Save yourself work by checking the Flower Sightings List first to see if your sighting has already been entered. Duplicate sightings will be deleted.
  • Flower sightings will be accumulated until there are 100 or so, then will be added to the Flower Sightings List.
  • Enter each flower separately.
  • Get assistance from one of the flower editors if you have trouble identifying your flower.
  • If you don’t find the flower Latin Name listed, first submit it as a new flower. (All new flowers must be accompanied by one or more photos for the flower editor to review.)


Asterisks denote required fields.

  • The season of the year. Spring (Mar, Apr, May), Summer (Jun, Jul, Aug), Fall (Sep, Oct, Nov), Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)

  • Select one of the regions in the list. Consult the Interactive Regions Map under the Tools menu tab, if necessary.

  • Select the Latin name of the flower you saw.