BCSC Hike Report
Armijo Canyon Loop - Sandia Mountain East Region

Hike Distance (mi): 5.3
Elevation Change (ft): 780
Total Uphill (ft): 975
Total Downhill (ft): 975


10 hikers left the center at 8:30. We started the hike at 9:10. While ascending Armijo trail we enjoyed the orange foliage of the oaks. An Abert’s squirrel was spotted along the way. Mary led the interested hikers to the Medallion tree at the crossroads of the Armijo and Faulty trails. We continued on Faulty, descending into Cienega Canyon then on to the Horse Bypass trail. The group decided to just head back to the van instead of stopping for a lunch/snack break. It was a cool, misty day and everyone felt a bit chilled. We arrived back at the van at 12:17 having hiked 5.5 miles. We returned to the center at 1pm.

Hike Report Status: Published

Hike Leader(s): Karen Rivard   
Hike Coordinator(s): Carl Gervais   Sunita Moonka