PDSCW Hike Report
San Gregorio Reservoir Long - San Pedro Parks Region

Hike Distance (mi): 7.1
Elevation Change (ft): 783
Total Uphill (ft): 806
Total Downhill (ft): 806


We had 13 hikers for this hike in San Pedro Parks. The starting temperature (measured by the van) was 79 deg. While it was still a beautiful hike, it was drier than I’ve ever seen it. Even the knee-deep stream that I’ve fallen into before was dry. We stopped frequently in the shade to cool off and drink some water. It was that clap of thunder that made us decide to stop and have lunch at the Orchid Grove waypoint, then turn around. Some hikers got their first look at a Colorado columbine. It didn’t rain after all, but clouds shielded that hot sun on the way back. We ended up hiking 5.2 mi. Thanks to Paul C for driving and sweeping.

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Hike Report Status: Published

Hike Leader(s): Marilyn Warrant   
Hike Coordinator(s): Marilyn Warrant   Dawn McIntyre