PDSCT Hike Report
Alameda Open Space North - Albuquerque Region

Hike Distance (mi): 3.9
Elevation Change (ft): 15
Total Uphill (ft): 15
Total Downhill (ft): 15


A beautiful day for a bosque hike! Six of us went on the trek. It is an easy hike, with a lot of variety — it is different every time. We started on the levee and dropped into the bosque once we reached the Sandia Pueblo sign. Many ducks along the way, plus a few geese. We saw a nuthatch and heard a woodpecker. The treat of the day was Marilyn finding the porcupine! For info about the North American porcupine, see https://nhpbs.org/natureworks/porcupine.htm.

Thanks Jabeen for driving and taking photos.

Web Album 1 Name: Marilyn's web album with porcupine photo from Jabeen
Web Album 1 Link: link
Hike Report Status: Published

Hike Leader(s): Jody Latimer   
Hike Coordinator(s):