BCSC Hike Report
San Ysidro Trials Long Loop - San Ysidro Region

Hike Distance (mi): 6.7
Elevation Change (ft): 315
Total Uphill (ft): 570
Total Downhill (ft): 570


Ten hikers left Bear Canyon Senior Center right on time at 8:30. We arrived at the San Ysidro Trials one hour later. The new Trials wonder took us up thru the “Grand Canyon” to the lunch spot on the colored sandstone boulders. After lunch we continued on a loop back to the trail head stopping for a rest at the “Old Man Cottonwood” tree.
Miles 3.72
Time: 2:37/3:43

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Hike Leader(s): Carl Gervais   
Hike Coordinator(s): Carl Gervais   Sunita Moonka