BCSC Hike Report
La Luz Spur - Kiwanis Cabin Loop - Sandia Mountain East Region

Hike Distance (mi): 4.3
Elevation Change (ft): 520
Total Uphill (ft): 805
Total Downhill (ft): 805


Three hikers and the driver left BCSC at 8:28am. We arrived at the top of the crest at 9:30am and began hiking. Since it was a little chilly, we decided to do the hike clockwise. There were spectacular views along the ridge. Next we visited the Kiwanis cabin for more views. Then it was off to the Tram house for a little snack. Followed by completing the upper part of La Luz 130 to the saddle and Crest house 84 back to the crest. Along the way we identified Giant Gentian, Bluebells, Canada Violets, Wild Iris, Mountain Parsley, Golden Pea and Mahonia.

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Hike Report Status: Published

Hike Leader(s): Carl Gervais   
Hike Coordinator(s): Carl Gervais   Sunita Moonka