NDBMC Hike Report
ABQ Art, History, Architecture: Downtown-Old Town - Albuquerque Region

Hike Distance (mi): 5.1
Elevation Change (ft): 10
Total Uphill (ft): 10
Total Downhill (ft): 10


This turned out to be an Ad-Hoc hike, due to issues at the Center. 5 of us met at the front of the Albuquerque Museum for a new tour of west downtown and the country club area. Our various urban walks highlight unique neighborhoods; depending on the season we focus on either gardens, architecture, history, or artworks. This was the garden season, so we especially enjoyed roses in perfect bloom. We explored both residential and commercial areas, and everyone was interested to see places where they had never ventured before.

Hike Report Status: Published

Hike Leader(s): Joan Weissman   
Hike Coordinator(s): Carl Gervais   Sunita Moonka