PDSCT Hike Report
Bernalillito Hoodoos In-Out - Ojito Region

Hike Distance (mi): 3.9
Elevation Change (ft): 163
Total Uphill (ft): 262
Total Downhill (ft): 262


The first hike in our rejuvenated senior hiking program was finally here. It started with a city-wide system down for computers and phones, but no problem for us since the Center was ready for us with the sign-in form and the In-Reach device. We were presented with the keys to a Transit vans, so we travelled in comfort. We left right at 8:30 AM. After an uneventful drive to the trailhead, we parked on one of the large parking lots the BLM has provided along Cabezon Rd. The current trail from the new trailhead meets up with the old one not to far along, so the hike hasn’t been altered significantly. As we hiked around Bernalillito Mesa, one of the hikers pointed out large balls embedded in the walls supporting the mesa. Some of the balls had fallen out, leaving large holes. Another hiker remarked about the smoke plumes that were visible from the Cerro Pelado fire. We walked around the sorbet rocks, admiring their bands of color, and took photos of the hoodoos. We had a minor cactus encounter that required removing various lengths of spines from one hiker’s pants. At the overlook, we took a short break to enjoy the view. Most of us continued on a narrow trail further around the mesa, but the hike leader decided to turn around before the hike’s official end point to avoid a very steep section. We returned to the sorbet rocks/hoodoo area to sit in the shade of a big pine for lunch.

With less than a mile to go, we encountered a woman who had become separated from her husband and dog. We didn’t want to leave her there by herself, and considered various options. Fortunately there was cell phone coverage, so one of the hikers called the husband. After he arrived, we finished the hike.

We saw two flowers blooming — common names Ring Grass and Paintbrush.

We had two hikers new to the senior hiking program who did fine. Thanks to everyone who came on the hike, especially to Don who served as both the driver and the sweep.

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Hike Leader(s): Marilyn Warrant   
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