Hikes, How To

How to Print a Hike

We encourage hike leaders to take along a printed copy of the hike “just in case”. You should be able to get a printed hike of only 2 one-sided pages if you click on the printer logo on the upper left of the hike page and don’t print the third page (if any), which usually contains just the list of authors. This has been tested for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers on Windows desktops and laptops, as well as for iPads.

For Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers on Windows desktops and laptops, you can also use a copy & paste process. First select the part of the hike description that you want to print (leave off the navigation bar and header, start with the hike name title, and end before the set of representative photos (if any)). Then right click on the selected content and choose “print”. You’ll have the option of printing it or saving to a pdf file. There may also be some settings for margins or scale that you can modify, but the default values work well.

If you have a different device and have come up with a nice way of printing from it, use the Contact Form to let us know.

How to Reduce Scrolling

One way to get to what you want in a long table if you’re using a desktop, laptop, or tablet:

  1. Sort the table to group all the entries of interest together (e.g., sort on region then on class).
  2. Use the browser Find function to go to the first of your group (e.g., which region).

If you’re using a cell phone, try one of the options on the Hikes -> Choose Hike By menu item.

Sequence of Hike Status Values

  1. Place Holder
  2. In Process
  3. Waiting Editor
  4. Published

The default value of the hike status for a new hike is “Place Holder”. Place Holders usually have minimal content, and are used primarily as a way to get a new hike scheduled. As a hike gains more content, the status should be set to “In Process”. When it’s ready for review and the editor has been notified, the status should be “Waiting Editor”. After a hike has been “Published”, it can go back to “In Process” for updates or to “Inactive”. Most of our Inactive hikes are due to forest fires.

The hike Text Author or Maintainer is responsible for setting the first three status values as well as “Inactive” in the field hike_status_author. If the Text Author or Maintainer wants to make changes after publication, they notify the Hike Editor, who is responsible for setting the hike_status_editor field to “Published” or setting the hike_status_author field back to “In Process”. The overall hike_status is set by the value of either the hike_status_author field or the hike_status_editor field.

Requirements to Save a New Hike

At a minimum, a new hike must have a name, a region, and a Text Author. The Maintainer is set to “Not Assigned” by default.

Who Can Create or Edit a Hike Description

We have a new role called “Hike Contributor”. The reason is to split off the “content” responsibility from the “conduct a hike” responsibility. Hikers can serve as Hike Contributors without having to become a Hike Leader. You can edit a hike (1) if you are the Maintainer, or (2) if there is no Maintainer and you are the Text Author, or (3) if you are the Hike Editor.