Generate Hike Links

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Hike Name Hike Links
0TEST-Any None
10K - Osha Loop - Survey None
10K - Survey Loop None
10K North None
10K North to Barite Mine None
10K South - Crest None
3 Places - ABQ Open Spaces http, http, and http
4th of July None
4th of July - Albuquerque Trail Loop Short None
4th Of July - Crest - Albuquerque Trail Loop Long None
4th of July - Crest - Cerro Blanco - FR55 None
ABQ Art, History, Architecture: Downtown-Old Town None
ABQ Art, History, Architecture: Nob Hill & UNM None
Acoma - Zuni All http and http
Acoma - Zuni All From East None
Acoma - Zuni All From West None
Acoma - Zuni East None
Acoma - Zuni West None
Acoma Tour Loop + El Calderon None
Ah-shi-sle-pah Badlands None
Alameda Open Space North None
Albuquerque Trail - 4th Of July Loop None
Albuquerque Trail Bypass - 4th Of July Loop None
Aldridge Petroglyphs None
Aldridge Petroglyphs Alternate None
Aldridge Petroglyphs Loop http
Apache Ridge - Arroyo Hondo None
Armijo Canyon - El Malpais None
Armijo Canyon - Faulty - Sulphur Canyon Loop None
Armijo Canyon Loop None
Arroyo Del Tajo None
Arroyo del Tajo Loop None
Arroyo del Tajo Upper None
Arroyo Piedra Lumbre Central None
Arroyo Piedra Lumbre East None
Arroyo Piedra Lumbre West None
Arroyo Piedra Lumbre West Outer Loop Hike None
Arroyo Tinajas - Gonzales Mine None
Arroyo Tinajas Upper None
Aspen Vista None
Aspen Vista to Big Tesuque Campground None
Atalaya Mountain None
Ball Ranch North None
Ball Ranch South http
Bandelier - Back Gate to HQ None
Bandelier - Burnt Mesa None
Bandelier - Falls Trail None
Bandelier - Frey Trail None
Bandelier - Lower Frijoles Canyon None
Bandelier Cliff Dwellings None
Bandelier Cliff Dwellings - Tsankawi Trail http and http
Barley Canyon None
Barley Ridge to Fenton Lake Overlook None
Base Of Cerro Picacho None
Battleship Rock To Jemez Falls None
Battleship Rock to Jemez Falls Round-Trip None
Battleship Rock to McCauley Hot Springs http
Baylor Pass None
Bear Canyon Arroyo http
Bear Mouth None
Bear Mouth Inside None
Bear Wallow - Borrego Loop None
Beatty's Trail #25 to Mesa View None
Belen Bosque South http
Bernalillito Hoodoos None
Bernalillito Hoodoos In-Out None
Bernalillito Mesa None
Bernalillito Mesa Loop None
Bernardo Waterfowl Area None
Bernardo Waterfowl Area-Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge http and http
Beyond Mesita De Ricardo http and http
Big Tesuque To Chamisa TH None
Bill Spring - Faulty - Oso Corredor None
Bird House Ridge Loop http
Bisti http
Bisti South http
Blue Dot - Red Dot Trails Loop None
Bluebird Mesa None
Bosque del Apache - Canyon Trail None
Bosque del Apache Tour Loop Trails http
Bosque East - South from Alameda None
Bosque North from I-25 None
Bosque Open Space West Side None
Bosque Open Space West Side South None
Bosque Peak None
Bosque Peak - Crest - Cerro Blanco None
Bosque Peak - Crest - Trail Canyon None
Bosque-Calabacillas None
Boulder Ridge None
Box Spring - Ox Canyon - Crest - Red Canyon None
Buckman Mesa None
Cabezon Peak None
Calaveras Canyon None
Calaveras Canyon - Big Side Canyon None
Calaveras Canyon - Little North Canyon None
Calaveras Canyon To Pipeline Road None
Canoncito - Crest - Bart's Loop http
Canoncito at Apache Canyon None
Canoncito De Las Cabras None
Canoncito De Las Cabras Loop None
Canoncito-Faulty-Cole Spring http
Capilla Peak South None
Carlito Springs Open Space http
Carlito Springs Open Space and Milne - Gutierrez West Open Space http and http
Catwalk-Whitewater None
Cave Creek None
Cedro Peak Loop http
Ceja Pelon None
Ceja Pelon Short None
Cerrillos Hills State Park http
Cerro Parido (Whale Rock) Loop None
Cerro Pelado None
Cerro Rendija http
Chaco Canyon NHP -- Pueblo Alto Trail None
Challenge Loop None
Challenge-Capulin-Balsam Glade Loop None
Chamisa Trail None
Chamisoso Canyon None
Chloride Canyon and Town Tour None
Chupadera Peak None
Church Rock http
Cienega - Crest - Bart's - Faulty Loop None
Cienega Canyon - Faulty Trail - Armijo Canyon None
Cienega Canyon and Nature Trail None
Cienega Petroglyphs None
Cienega Petroglyphs - Cieneguilla Petroglyphs Long Loop http and http
Cienega Petroglyphs - Cieneguilla Petroglyphs Loop http and http
Cienega Trail - Crest - Pino Trail None
Cieneguilla Petroglyphs None
Cieneguilla Petroglyphs Long Loop None
Cieneguilla Petroglyphs Loop None
Cieneguilla Petroglyphs-Cerro Seguro La Cienega http
Citadel - El Malpais None
Continental Divide North None
Continental Divide North From La Leña None
Continental Divide South None
Continental Divide South To La Leña None
Continental Divide To Deadman Peaks None
Continental Divide Trail FR193 North None
Continental Divide Trail FR193 South Short None
Continental Divide Trail Near Echo Canyon http
Continental Divide Trail Near Echo Canyon and Poshuouinge Ruins http and http
Corrales Bosque North None
Corrales Bosque South None
Corrales Lateral None
Corrales Lateral Loop None
Corrales Lateral Loop Short None
Corrales Lateral South None
Corrales To Rivers Edge None
Coyote Trail None
Crest Trail - Survey Trail Loop None
Crow Canyon None
Dale Ball Trails - Randall Davey Audubon Center Round Trip http
Dale Ball Trails - Sierra del Norte West None
David Canyon Loop http
De-na-zin http
Deer Creek Extended None
Deer Creek to Cabin Ruins None
Del Orno - N Crest - Agua Sarca Loop None
Diablo Canyon None
Dino Dig And Hoodoo Pines None
Dinosaur Dig None
Domingo Baca To Waterfall None
Domingo Baca TWA Route None
Dripping Springs None
East Fork - Las Conchas None
East Fork Box Wade None
East Fork River Box http
El Calderon None
El Calderon Cinder Cone None
El Cerro de Los Lunas None
El Cerro de Los Lunas - Bowl None
El Cerro de Los Lunas - Bowl Overlook None
El Malpais Narrows None
El Morro - El Calderon Cinder Cone http and http
El Morro National Monument - Headland Trail None
El Porvenir None
El Rancho de las Golondrinas + None
Elena Gallegos to Tram Loop None
Ellis - 10K - Survey Loop None
Ellis - 10K Loop None
Ellis Trailhead Wander None
Ellis-N.Crest- Penasco Blanca-Osha-Ellis Loop None
Ellis-Survey Loop None
Embudito Canyon None
Embudo - Three Gun Spring - Embudito None
Embudo Foothills Loop None
Embudo Loop None
Embudo to Copper None
Embudo to Three Gun Spring None
Faulty Loop None
Faulty Trail - End to End None
Fenton Lake Trail & Rio Cebolla -South None
Five Hills - Rocky Top None
Foothills North From Embudito None
Fort Union National Monument http
Galisteo Basin - Nathan - Derek Loop http
Gascon Point None
Ghost Ranch - Box Canyon and Mesa Montosa None
Ghost Ranch - Chimney Rock None
Ghost Ranch - Kitchen Mesa http
Ghost Ranch - Matrimonial Mesa None
Ghost Ranch - Matrimonial Mesa Loop None
Ghost Ranch - Matrimonial Mesa Loop And Plaza Blanca http and http
Ghost Ranch - Multiple Hikes http, http, and http
Ghost Ranch - Plaza Blanca - Multiple Hikes http and http
Glorieta Canyon None
Goblin Rocks And Ponderosa Indian Ruins None
Goblin Rocks Loop None
Golden Open Space - Bike Trails & Arroyos None
Golden Open Space - Mesa Loop Trail None
Golden Open Space - North None
Golden Open Space - North West None
Golden Open Space - Outer Arroyos None
GPS Training None
Griegos Drain North from Matthew None
Guadalupe Mesa http and http
Gutierrez-Hubbell House + acequias http
Gypsum Slot Canyon None
Gypsum Slot Canyon Via River Crossing None
Hamilton Mesa None
Hamilton Mesa to Beatty's Flat None
Hawk Watch None
Hay Canyon From FR144 None
Hay Canyon Loop North From FR144 None
Hay-Oat Canyons Loop from FR144 Extended None
Hidden Mountain http
Hilso TH - Quaking Aspen - Turkey Nest Trails to Sheetrock Tank http
Holiday Mesa to Giant Footprint Ruin http, http, and http
Holy Ghost - Stewart Lake - Winsor Creek http and http
Holy Ghost Creek None
Hyde Park Area None
Jemez Falls to Battleship Rock None
Jemez FR 376 Aspen Area None
Juan Tabo Cabin None
Juan Tabo Canyon None
Kayser Mill Canyon None
Kayser Mill to Manzano Peak None
Knife Edge of the Shield None
La Bajada Hill http
La Cueva - La Luz Scenic Loop None
La Leña East By Southeast Loop None
La Leña South Loop None
La Leña South Mesa Top Loop None
La Leña Southeast Loop None
La Luz Round-Trip None
La Luz Spur - Kiwanis Cabin Loop None
La Luz to Crest None
La Luz to Tram None
La Madera Road None
La Mesita Blanca - Big Arroyo Loop None
La Mesita Blanca East None
La Mesita Blanca Northeast None
La Mesita Blanca Short Loop None
La Tierra Trails North Loop http
La Ventana Mesa None
Las Conchas - Box - East Fork Wade None
Las Conchas - East Fork Box Overlook None
Las Conchas Short None
Las Huertas North Arroyos None
Las Huertas Open Space http
Las Milpas None
Las Milpas Long Loop 2 None
Lava Falls Loop http
Lava Falls Loop - El Malpais Narrows Short http, http, and http
Little Bear Canyon to Middle Fork Gila River None
Loma De Las Cañas None
Lorenzo Canyon to Cole Spring None
Los Pinos To San Pedro Cabin None
Los Volcanos http
Lower La Luz To La Cueva Overlook None
Lower San Antonio to Cave None
Lybrook Badlands West None
Lybrook Badlands West From South http
Lybrook Badlands West South To North None
Maestas Creek to Lost Lake None
Mahogany-Gamble Oak Loop http
Mano Trail - Boulders - Sandia Eye Loop None
Mano Trail - Sandia Eye Loop None
Mano Trail Loop None
Manzano Open Space None
Mesa Chijuilla South None
Mesa Cocina None
Mesa Penistaja None
Mesa Penistaja Outer Loop None
Mesa Penistaja Short Loop None
Mesa Prieta None
Mesita De Ricardo None
Mesita De Ricardo - Northwest Passage None
Milne - Gutierrez East Open Space http
Milne - Gutierrez West Open Space http
Mineral Creek None
Montano Bridge/Aldo Leopold/Rio Grande Nature Center Loop None
Monte Largo Canyon None
Monte Negro None
Montosa Canyon None
Mora Flats None
Mount Taylor From Gooseberry Spring None
Nambe Badlands None
Nature Center North Bosque and Ditch Bank None
Navajo Draw None
New Year's Resolution None
No Hike Scheduled None
No Hike, Center Closed None
Nogales Ruins http
Nogales Ruins - Rattlesnake Ridge Ruins http and http
North Mystery Trail None
North Mystery Trail to Lagunita Seca None
North Valley Ditch Hike None
Not Yet Scheduled None
Nutria Canyon None
Oat - Hay - Pony Canyons Loop None
Oat - Hay Canyons Loop None
Oat - Hay Canyons To Bottom Long None
Oat - Hay Canyons To Bottom Short None
Ojito Hoodoo Loop None
Old - New Embudo Trails None
Old Cuba Road - Overlook Loop http
Old Cuba Road Mesa None
Orilla Verde - La Vista Verde http
Orilla Verde - La Vista Verde and The Slide http and http
Orilla Verde - Picuris - Klauer - Slide Loop None
Orilla Verde - The Slide http
Osha Spring Trail None
Oso Ridge - Embudito Loop None
Otero Canyon East Loop http
Otero Canyon Outer Loop http
Otero Canyon To Tunnel Canyon http
Otero Canyon West Loop http
Other None
Ox Canyon None
Paliza Canyon - Goblin Colony None
Palomas Peak Downhill to Sandia Man Cave None
Palomas Peak Two Ways None
Palomas Trail None
Paseo de la Mesa Multi-Use Trail http
Paseo De Las Montanas South None
Pecos NHP - Glorieta Battlefield http, http, and http
Pecos NHP - Glorieta Battlefield And Pecos Ruins http and http
Pecos NHP - Pecos Ruins http
Pecos NHP - Pecos Ruins And Pecos River Canyon http and http
Pecos River Canyon None
Peiffer Trail To Cat Mesa http
Penas Negras - Perchas - Palomas TH None
Penasco Springs None
Penasco Springs North Route None
Peralta - Paliza None
Peralta - Paliza Loop http
Perlite Mine Ruins None
Petroglyphs South to Boca Negra None
Piedra Lisa All http and http
Piedra Lisa North - Del Agua Loop None
Piedra Lisa North To South None
Piedra Lisa South None
Piedra Lisa South To North http
Piedras Marcadas Canyon None
Piedras Marcadas to Boca Negra None
Pine Shadow None
Pino Spring Long Loop None
Pino Spring Short Loop None
Pino Trail Short None
Pino Trail to Crest Trail None
Placitas Knobs None
Plaza Blanca None
Plaza Blanca - Chimney Rock http and http
Plaza Blanca - Sierra Negra Badlands http and http
Ponderosa Mesa None
Ponderosa Mesa from Paliza Group CG None
Ponderosa Mesa Long None
Ponderosa Trail At Juan Tomas None
Poshuouinge Ruins http
Posi Ruins Joseph's Mine Ojo Caliente http
Powerline - Chamisoso None
Pueblo Creek None
Pueblo Lateral South to Los Ranchos None
Purgatory Chasm Slot Canyon None
Pyramid Rock http
Quebradas Curved Cliff None
Querencia Loop None
Querencia To Dinosaur Dig None
Rail Trail/Arroyo de los Chamisos None
Randall Davey Audubon Center None
Rattlesnake Ridge Ruins http and http
Raven's Ridge to Deception Peak None
Red Canyon None
Red Mesa East Loop None
Red Rocks Crossover None
Red Rocks State Park http and http
Rinconada Canyon None
Rio Bravo Bosque http
Rio Bravo Bosque - North http
Rio Cebolla to Calaveras Canyon None
Rio en Medio From Ski Area None
Rio en Medio One-Way from East TH None
Rio en Medio West None
Rio Grande Del Norte Big Arsenic Spring to La Junta None
Rio Grande Nature Center North None
Rio Grande Nature Center To Tingley Beach None
Rio Rancho Badlands None
Rio Rancho Bosque None
Rocky Canyon Trail None
Rocky Top - Poker Chip None
Sabinoso Wilderness None
Salas Trail None
Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument + None
San Antonio Canyon Trail http
San Antonio Hot Spring None
San Antonio Hot Spring - South Route None
San Gregorio Reservoir Long None
San Gregorio Reservoir Short None
San Jose Badlands None
San Juan Canyon - Strip Mine Area To FR-10 None
San Lorenzo Canyon Loop None
San Lorenzo Side Canyon None
San Ysidro Trials East None
San Ysidro Trials Long Loop None
San Ysidro Trials West None
San Ysidro Trials West Short None
Sanchez Canyon None
Sandia Crest - Rocky Point Loop None
Sandia Crest House To Tram None
Sandia Crest To Del Agua None
Sandia Crest Trail North None
Sandia Eye None
Sandia Mountain Natural History Center None
Sandia Ski Area None
Sandia Ski Area Outer Loop http
Sandstone Bluffs End to End None
Sandstone Bluffs Long Loop None
Santa Barbara CG to Santa Barbara Middle Fork None
Santa Fe Open Space Tri-Hikes None
Santa Fe River - Rail Trails None
Santa Fe River Mesa None
Santa Fe River Wade None
Schoolhouse Canyon None
Seven Springs None
Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge None
Sierra Negra Badlands None
Silvery Minnow Habitat None
Ski Basin - Challenge - 9 Mile Picnic Area Loop None
Snow Shoe - 4 miles Rated C None
Soda Dam Overlook None
Soledad Canyon None
South Crest from Canyon Estates None
South Crest from Canyon Estates To Bathtub None
South Peak via CCC & Crest Tr. None
South Peak Via Forest Park, Faulty, Larry's and Crest Trails None
Spruce Spring None
Spruce Spring - Red Canyon Loop None
Stable Canyon None
Stable Mesa None
Stable Mesa to Ruins None
Strawberry Canyon to McGaffey Lookout None
Strip Mine Loop None
Strip Mine South Arroyos & Ridge Loop None
Strip Mine South To Seep None
Sulphur Canyon - Crest - Pino TH None
Survey - 10K - Osha Loop - Crest None
Tablazon - Pinyon Loop http
Tapia Canyon and Tower Ruin None
Taylor Ranch Trails None
Tecolote - Balsam Glade - Capulin None
Tecolote Peak None
Tecolote Peak - Balsam Glade None
Tecolote Peak and Tree Spring None
Tent Rocks None
Tesuque Creek to Chamisa Trail None
Three Gun Spring None
Three Gun Spring to Oso Pass None
Timber Peak None
Tingley Beach South to Bridge None
To Be Defined None
Tomas Baca Well Figure 8 None
Trail Canyon None
Trail Canyon South To Ojo Del Indio None
Tram to La Luz None
Tramway Bike Trail - Indian School to Montgomery None
Tree Spring - Crest - Cienega None
Tree Spring - Oso Corredor - Bill Springs None
Tree Spring Trail To Fossil Garden None
Tree Spring-Crest-Ski Basin-10K-Tree Spring None
Trigo Canyon None
Tsankawi Trail None
Tunnel Springs None
Tunnel Springs To Crest Trail None
Turkey Run Loop http
Upper La Luz None
Valle de Oro http
Valle De Oro National Wildlife Refuge Short http
Valles Caldera National Preserve - Cerros del Abrigo http
Valles Caldera National Preserve - Coyote Call to Rabbit Ridge None
Valles Caldera National Preserve - La Garita http
Valles Caldera National Preserve - Los Indios http
Valles Caldera National Preserve - Northwest http
Valles Caldera National Preserve - South Mountain http
Villanueva St Park Viewpoint Loop None
Walatowa Red Rocks + http
Water Canyon Mesa None
Wells Petroglyph Preserve None
West Bosque-Central Ave. to Bridge St. None
White Mesa - East Loop None
White Mesa - East Ridge None
White Mesa - East Ridge to Seeps http
White Mesa - West Loop None
Whitewash - Embudo Loop None
Whitewash - Old Embudo Loop None
Williams Lake None
Winsor Creek - Stewart Lake - Winsor Trail None
Winsor Creek to Stewart Lake None
Winsor Ridge - Stewart Lake - Winsor Creek None
Winsor Ridge to Stewart Lake None
Winsor Trail to Bob Meadow None
Winsor Trail to Nambe Lake None
Winsor Trail to Puerto Nambe None
Winsor Trail to Spirit Lake from Ski Area None