Packera multiloba

Ragwort, Lobe-leaf; Groundsel, Lobe-leaf

Flower Key: F10726
Last Updated On: 06/25/2022
Last Updated By: Lee Regan
Color: Yellow
Latin Family: Asteraceae
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Editor: Marilyn Warrant
Flower Status: Not Reviewed
Notes to/from Editor:

P. multiloba is easily distinguished from Notch-leaf Ragwort [P. fendleri] because the latter has cobweb-woolly hair on leaves and singular (not bunched) stems, giving them a gray-green appearance. Distinguish P. multiloba from Cut-leaf Groundsel [Senecio eremophilus], which also has lobed leaves, but the latter has black-tipped phyllaries at the base of the flower petals, wheras P. multiloba phyllaries are yellow-green, undotted and smooth.

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