Albuquerque Senior Centers' Hiking Groups (ASCHG)


17 Mar 20 - Coronavirus Impacts  Hikes originally scheduled that used a van are cancelled for the time being. Hike leaders may substitute a different hike that meets at the trailhead. Compliance with social distancing policy is recommended.

17 Feb 20 (UD 17 Feb 20) - Feb 2020 Website Revisions  See About us -> What's new for a detailed list of revisions. Major changes include adding the new group Palo Duro Fitness Half-Day Hikers; revising responsibilities documents for Hikers, Hike Leaders, Van Drivers, and Hike Coordinators; and adding responsibilities for Sweeps. Hikers who serve in these roles should review these documents. Send any comments to the webmaster (About us -> Comments/Suggestions).

26 Jun 19 (UD 26 Jun 19) - Old Schedule Data Deleted  Old schedule data up to 2012, 2nd half were deleted from the database as well as the corresponding hike reports. Also deleted were old inactive hikes and hike place holders not hiked since then.

21 Jun 19 (UD 21 Jun 19) - La Cueva Picnic Area Closed  From Sandia Ranger District: The La Cueva Picnic Area is closed because the road into the picnic site is damaged and creates a significant safety hazard.  A culvert washed out this spring causing the pavement around the culvert to crumble away.  Beyond the culvert, the road is washed out underneath the pavement.

14 Jun 19 (UD 14 Jun 19) - June 2019 Website Revisions  See "What's New" under "About Us" for these revisions. They include major revisions of two Help documents.

27 May 19 - 2019 Second Half Schedule  The Fitness Center and Bear Canyon hiking groups' hikes have been posted, and the hikes from the remaining groups should follow in the next few weeks.

23 May 19 (UD 23 May 19) - New La Luz Trailhead is now open!  From the Cibola National Forest and National Grasslands District Office: The newly redesigned La Luz Trailhead is now open for the summer season.  You are invited to get out and enjoy your public lands this holiday weekend! Reconstruction work included increasing the number of available parking spaces while improving traffic flow, associated trailhead facilities, and signage.

05 May 19 - May 2019 Website Revisions  See "What's New" under "About Us" for these revisions.

03 May 19 (UD 03 May 19) - March 2019 Website Revisions  See "What's New" under "About Us" for these revisions.

07 Dec 18 - November 2018 Website Revisions.  See "What's New" under "About Us" for these revisions.

19 Jul 18 (UD 19 Jul 18) - June-July 2018 Website Revisions.  See "What's New" under "About Us" for these revisions.

24 May 18 (UD 24 May 18) - 2018 2nd Half Schedule Being Added  We are adding the 2018 second half schedule.  It will take two or three weeks to finish so the schedule will be incomplete until we do.

19 May 18 (UD 19 Jul 18) - May 2018 Website Revisions  See "What's New" under "About Us" for these revisions.

01 May 18 (UD 01 May 18) - April 2018 Website Revisions  See "What's New" under "About Us" for these revisions.

22 Mar 18 (UD 22 Mar 18) - Brainstorming Next Steps  The ideas generated during the brainstorming sessions held in February have been posted! Log in, then go to "Brainstorming" under the new "Planning" menu tab. Please let us know how you want to contribute in developing these ideas to make our senior hiking program even better.

13 Jan 18 - Problems With Yahoo  For reasons known only to the technical gods, Yahoo sometime sends us a "Delivery failure.  The original message is over 5K. Message truncated." when we send out a hike notice to our hikers with yahoo email addresses.  It started 12/1/17 and has been erratic, we don't get it every time we send hike notices.  We are looking into work-arounds.

05 Dec 17 (UD 05 Dec 17) - 2018 WinterRegistration Info Added  Registration information for the 2018 snow activities has been added.  On the menu, mouse over Winter and click on Registration.

16 Nov 17 - 2018 First Half Schedule Being Added  We are adding the 2018 first half schedule.  It will take two or three weeks to finish so the schedule will be incomplete until we do.

27 Jul 17 (UD 27 Jul 17) - AOL Problem Again !  AOL has again decided we are a spammer.  They are the only email provider that thinks so. If you are a AOL customer, you have not been receiving any email from us.  We will go off their spammer/black list is two or three weeks.

17 Jul 17 - Lifetime National Park Pass To $80  $10 Lifetime Senior National Park and Federal Lands Pass going up to $80 on August 28.  This pass is a real deal at $10 ! Don't miss out on getting it now cheap. See info here.

08 May 17 - 2017 2nd Half Schedule Being Added  The schedule for the second half of 2017 is being added.  It will be added piecemeal and will probably take three to four weeks.

03 May 17 - Hiker Survey Results  The results of the 2017 hiker survey are available here.  You can also see them by using the menu: Help -> Resources and looking under General.  Thanks to Joan Weissman for spearheading the effort.

28 Apr 17 - Roller Coaster on Sandia Peak!  Have you heard that they want to put a roller coaster at the top of Sandia Peak when they redo the restaurant? People go there for peace and quiet, not to mention the poor woodland creatures having to put up with people screaming on a ride that's thundering and squealing around the tracks. A meeting will be held at the Ranger Station in Tijeras on Tuesday, May 2nd at 7pm. Please plan to come and pass this info on.

28 Apr 17 - Nice Honor  Mayor Richard Berry awarded Jim Caress, posthumously, the Lifetime Achievement Award for his service to the Ronald McDonald House.  See this link for more information.

14 Apr 17 - Regina Michaelis' Memorial and Ashes  A memorial for Regina Michaelis will be held Monday, May 1 at 12:30 PM at the Kiwanis Picnic Area in the Elena Gallegos Open Space. Prior to that, the scattering of Regina's ashes will take place. Meet at the Embudito trailhead at 9 AM and hike the Oso Ridge trail,steep with loose rocks.  Her special place is about 45 minutes of steady slow hiking.

17 Mar 17 - We want to hear from you!  It's not to late! If you haven't responded to our survey request, we still want to hear from you.  Please sent us a response.  Thanks

13 Feb 17 - Problems With Q.Com  For unknown reasons, Q.Com thinks this web site is a spammer.  No other mail servers think so.  Email from this site is being returned with "554 5.7.1 [P4] Message blocked due to spam content in the message." We'll see if we can get it fixed but don't hold your breath.

03 Feb 17 - Sad News  Regina Michaelis passed away Tuesday, January 31st.  Cathy Dahms is planning to hold a memorial celebration of Regina's life at Elena Gallegos at a time and date to be determined later.  Regina wanted her ashes scattered in her special place on the north Embudito Ridge trail.  Contact Cathy at if you are interested in either.  We will all miss Regina, she was a lovable character.

13 Dec 16 - 2017 Snow Activities Info Available  Information on the Snow Activities for 2017 is now available.  Use the menu: Winter -> Activities.  There is a registration on December 20th.  Use the menu: Winter -> Registration.

13 Dec 16 - Changes to Web Pages  We are starting to change the page colors and some of the layouts.  For some unknown reason, we are having trouble with Firefox and older versions of Safari.  So please be patient.  Thanks!

12 Nov 16 - 2017H1 Schedule Being Entered  The 2017H1 schedule is being enter over the next couple of weeks.  It is entered piecemeal so don't be surprised if a particular group isn't available yet.

20 Sep 16 - Sad News  Jim Caress passed away Sunday evening, September 18. Sue, Jim's wife, said there will be no services at this time.  She may put together a "remembrance time" at a later date. We will all miss Jim's driving, good humor, and the chocolate.

18 Sep 16 - Continued Problems with AOL  Our latest hike notice was rejected by AOL for seventeen hikers with "host[] said: 521 5.2.1: AOL will not accept delivery of this message. (in reply to end of DATA command)." Suggest AOL users ask AOL why not.

27 Aug 16 - Email Problem Ends  Today our hike notice went out with no rejections because of spam.  Let the Webmasters know if you have any more problems.

26 Aug 16 - Continued Email Problems  We continue to have email problems. For reasons unknown, several spam blacklists think we are a spammer.  Trying to get them cleared is like dealing with the government, very slow!

14 Aug 16 - Email Problems Persist  We are still having major problems with Q.Com and some with CenturyLink.Net.  All Q.Com accounts think our emails are spam while a few CenturyLink.Net accounts think our emails are spam.  Since only a few CenturyLink.Net accounts thinks our emails are spam, our emails may be being rejected because of of spam filter setting of the account holders.

12 Aug 16 - Q.COM Problem  For reasons unknown, Q.Com thinks we are a spam site so all the emails send Thursday to hikers with accounts (sixteen of you) were blocked.  "554 5.7.1 [P4] Message blocked due to spam content in the message." Hopefully this will clear up on its own.

26 May 16 - Loading 2016H2 Schedule  We will be loading the schedule for the second half of 2016 during the next several weeks.  It takes a while to complete so be patient.

24 May 16 (UD 24 May 16) - New Pages  Note our new Home page, easier login, and improved Join page format!

12 Apr 16 (UD 24 May 16) - Updating Website  We are revising parts of the website to make it easier to find information and to complete tasks like joining, researching hikes, and creating reports. The process will take a while, so have patience. Send any additional suggestions any time. We might not use them all, but every idea will be considered.

Please send your suggestions to the administrator.

16 Nov 15 - Entering 2016H1 Schedule  We are starting to enter the first half of the 2016 schedule.  It will take about three weeks to get it fully entered so be patient.

23 Jun 15 (UD 23 Jun 15) - Auto Burglaries At Hike Parking Lots  I am seeing more and more auto burglaries occur at our hiking trail parking lot areas.  Carry your wallets/drivers licenses with you on your hike.  Offenders know hikers are out of sight and will be gone a long time.  Reduce your odds of being a victim by removing all items of value and taking them with you on your hike (including registrations, insurance papers, etc.) Jill Garcia APD Foothills Area Command

03 Jun 15 - 2nd Half 2015 Schedule Being Added  We are in the process of adding the 2015 second half schedule.  It will probably take about three weeks before it's all done.

02 Apr 15 - Email is up  Our email system is running again.  Our email provider changed the encryption level which required us to move to a higher level of Java.  Then we had to get our hosting service to provide that level on our sever.  Couputers are so much fun!

31 Mar 15 - Our Email System Is Down  Our email system is down so no email is being sent out (like hike notices, hike reports, etc.).  Hopefully, it will be repaired soon.

23 Feb 15 (UD 08 Mar 15) - New Hike Notice  The hike notice has been reformatted.  Making it easier for you to decide if you want to go on the hike was the major objective.  New things were added and other old things were deleted.  Some of the additions are Highlights, Cautions and Pictures which are only displayed if they are available.  A couple of the deletions are Actual Hike and Comments.  Hopefully, you will find these changes helpful.

17 Dec 14 - 2015 Snow Activities On Website  The 2015 snow activities for the Palo Duro Sports & Fitness Center are on the website.  Mouse over Snow Info and click on Activities.

19 Nov 14 - Adding 2015H1  We are in the process of adding the hike schedule for the first half of 2015.  Should be done in another week or so.  Three of the centers are already in the schedule.

18 Sep 14 - Annual PICNIC Sun, Sep 28, 5-7 pm  Pat Newman has graciously offered to host our annual picnic at her home on Sunday, September 28 from 5 PM to 7 PM. Please see Bill Gloyd's broadcast email of 9/11/14 at 7:24 PM for more information.  Hope to see you there!

28 Jun 14 - Email Problems  We are experiencing email problems because of tightened security by some of your (hikers) email servers.  We are working to resolve the problem(s) but some of you may get multiple copies of the same email.  We hope this isn't too big an inconvenience.

04 Jun 14 - Adding 2014H2  We are in the process of adding the hike schedule for the second half of 2014.  Should be done in another week or so.  Three of the centers are already in the schedule.

19 Feb 14 - Update your profile  Camping, website committee, and first aid have been added to the hiker profile interests. If you'd like to be contacted when we send emails concerning any of these, update your profile by logging in, choose menu item Hikers -> Change profile, then check the applicable interest(s).

09 Dec 13 - 2014H1 Being Added  We are in the process of adding the hike schedule for the first half of 2014.  Should be done in another week or so.  Four of the centers are already in the schedule.

19 Aug 13 - Fall Pot Luck  Our annual Fall Pot Luck is scheduled for Sep. 29, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm at Elena Gallegos Picnic Grounds.  See Pat Newman's email announcement sent 08/14 or 08/19 for more information.

12 Jul 13 - Some Areas Reopened To Hiking  Most of the Santa Fe National Forest will reopen today, along with the Mount Taylor and Magdalena ranger districts.  Areas of the upper Pecos Canyon remain closed indefinitely.

06 Jun 13 (UD 06 Jun 13) - AOL Refuses Email At 5:01 MDT  This morning at 5:01 MDT, AOL refused all the hike notices for the PD-FIT 6/10/13 San Gregorio Reservoir Long - San Pedro Parks hikes with a 521 error.  All the other email providers accepted them.  Seventeen hikers were affected.  A Google search reveals "AOL's misconfigured SMTP servers bouncing emails with 521 error."

30 May 13 - New Responsibilities  Responsibilities for all hikers have been updated! Please use the menu item Responsibilities to visit and see new guidelines for Hikers, Hike Leaders, Hike Coordinators, and Van Drivers.  Thanks to Bill Gloyd for coordinating this effort.

21 Apr 13 (UD 21 Apr 13) - Our Hosting Service Got Hacked Today  Our hosting service got hacked about 3:00 AM this morning.  It took them all of the day and most of the evening to get back to normal.  They said it was fixed about 10:00 PM.  Still seems slow on occasions.

22 Jan 13 (UD 25 Jan 13) - New Flora-Fauna Menu Tab  A Flora-Fauna tab has been added to the menu. You have to be logged in to see it. It has list of flowers you may see while hiking (in season of course), a page for each flower with a picture(s) and a reference, a way to add a new flower and a way to add a new flower photograph.  Many thanks to Judie, Ken and Marilyn for collecting all the data and Randy for all the programming

03 Jan 13 (UD 03 Jan 13) - Hike Supplemental Page Available  A supplemental page for a hike is now available once you are logged in. Look under GPS Files for a link to it. The page has pictures, links to hike reports, hiker comments and land status.  Your hike maintainers have been loading pictures but only 26% of the hikes have them so far.  See the San Antonio Hot Spring hike as a good example.

18 Dec 12 - 2013 Snow Activities  The snow activities for 2013 are now on the web site.  Mouse over Snow Info and click Activities.

17 Dec 12 - Hiker Limit On Hike Page  If there is a limit to the number of hikers that may go on a hike, the limit is shown on the hike page in dark red.  If there is no limit, nothing is shown.

04 Dec 12 - 2013H1 Schedule Completed  Wow, the hike coordinators completed the 2013H1 schedule entry in just a few days! Thank you hike coordinators.

03 Dec 12 - First Half 2013 Schedule being added  The schedule for the first half of 2013 is being added by the various centers.  It should be completed in two weeks.

15 Nov 12 - Timeout Changed  The timeout has been changed from 25 to 40 minutes due to popular demand.

10 Oct 12 - Trip Cost Rounded To Nearest 50  Trip cost are now rounded to the nearest 50.  The Senior centers requested the change so making change would be faster and easier.

07 Aug 12 - Finally...Double Hike Notice Fixed  Problem with double hike notices has been fixed.  Sorry it took so long.

04 Jul 12 - New Center, NDBMC, Hiking  Check out the hikes offered by the new North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center (NDBMC ) located at the intersection of Wyoming and Paseo del Norte at Carnel. Hikes meet at 8:00 AM every other Friday, starting July 13th. City van transportation, fee collected day of the hike. To get NDBMC hike notices, login at, go to Hikers tab, click Change Profile, check the NDBMC box & click Change Profile button.

25 Jun 12 - LVSC Changing to Fridays  Starting in July, LVSC will hike on Friday (rather than Thursday) every other week.

16 Jun 12 (UD 16 Jun 12) - Paying for Fitness Center hikes  Once you have filled out initial hiking forms for the PD-FIT, LV-FIT, and NDB-FIT centers available at any of those three centers, you may call any one of these fitness centers to sign up for any of their hikes and pay with your CREDIT CARD instead of having to go "in person" to pay ahead of time for your hike.

16 May 12 - 2012H2 Schedule Being Added  The schedule for the second half of 2012 is being entered.  It will probably take a few weeks for it to be finished.  Your hike coordinators are hard at work to get this done and we thank them.

19 Feb 12 (UD 20 Feb 12) - Major Website Software Change  Major infrastructure changes have been made in the website software.  Who (role) can do what has been rewritten.  If you find something doesn't work correctly, you can't do things anymore that you think that you should, or something is "wonky," please send the webmaster an email.  One other change, you can now see the down counting session clock right after your name in the upper right corner if you are logged in.

04 Jan 12 (UD 08 Jan 12) - Highland Reopened !  Highland Senior Center has reopened and its hikes will now leave from there.  Thanks to the Barelas Senior Center for hosting the HSC hiking group while Highland was closed.

30 Dec 11 (UD 01 Jan 12) - LVSC In Schedule  LVSC is in the 2012H1 schedule and will hike on the first and third Thursdays of the month.  You must sign up for a hike.  Pay before you leave on the day of the hike.  Update your profile to receive notices from LVSC.

27 Nov 11 (UD 27 Nov 11) - 2012 Snow Activities  The Snow Activities have been updated for 2012.  Click on the menu tab to see them.

18 Nov 11 - Schedule For 2012H1 Being Entered  We are entering the schedule for the first half of 2012 over the next few weeks.  It will look "ragged" until it's all entered.  Your hike coordinators are hard at work so it should be done soon.

07 Sep 11 - New Help Feature  A new feature has been added under the Help menu, What's New.  It tells what is new on the website.

30 Jul 11 - Change Your Profile  You need to change your profile if you wish to receive NDB-FIT hike notices, change notices and reports.  Thanks to Tom Dieterle for thinking of this.

22 Jul 11 - Sandia Mountians Reopened !!!  The Sandias have moved back down to Class II fire restrictions which means we can hike again.  The Forest Service issued this bulletin "Sandia Ranger Station Reenters Stage II Fire Restrictions 7-23-11." Rain is wonderful.

30 Jun 11 - Walks in nearby areas  Hike leaders whose hikes have to be cancelled can substitute a walk. See Help / Walks for some ideas. Local walks can be meet-up events or use a van. Work with your hike coordinator to create a hike place holder for the walk, send a change notice, and make sure the website schedule is also changed. If you won't need a van for that day, please inform the senior center.

24 Jun 11 - PD-FIT hikes cancelled  After June 28th, all scheduled hikes for the Palo Duro Sr. Sports and Fitness Center will be cancelled until further notice. Hikes will resume when the forests/wilderness areas reopen.

24 Jun 11 - Stage III fire restrictions  Many of the places we hike have closed due to the extreme fire danger. Your hike leaders & coordinators will either cancel hikes in closed areas or find substitute hikes in areas still open. We may be starting earlier than usual and doing different types of things, so keep checking this site and your email for changes.

21 Jun 11 - Change in center and group names  Center name changes: LVFC to LV-FIT and SSFC to PD-FIT.  New centers NDB-FIT and NDBMC added.  NDB is North Domingo Baca.  Similar changes/additions made in Group names.  Changes made at request of Fitness Center management and Senior Center management.

09 Jun 11 - Stage II Fire Restrictions  The Santa FE National Forest, Valles Caldera National Preserve and the Mount Taylor Ranger District of the Cibola National Forest have all gone to Stage II Fire Restrictions.  What this means for us is no smoking, no fires, no off-road travel.  For a full list of prohibitions, see

27 May 11 - Highland is closing for renovations  The 5/31, 6/14, and 6/28 Highland hikes will leave from the Los Volcanes Senior Center. From the I-25/I-40 interchange, take I-40 west to exit 155 for Coors Blvd South. Merge into Coors. Go about 1 mi (4 lights), and turn right onto Los Volcanes Rd. NW. The senior center is the third building complex on the left, just past the police station.

05 May 11 (UD 09 May 11) - Potluck Picnic Dinner, Sun 5/22  The Albuquerque Senior Centers' Hiking Groups is having its spring potluck picnic dinner from 4:45 pm to 7 pm on Sunday, May 22, 2011.  Come and join your fellow hikers for some fun social time.  See the email sent out 5/6/11 for details.

02 May 11 (UD 02 May 11) - 2011H2 For SSFCH Now Available  The schedule for the second half of 2011 for SSFCH is now available.  The other group's schedules will become available after their planning meetings this month.

06 Apr 11 (UD 06 Apr 11) - Poles lost in Domingo Baca canyon  Mary Filosi lost her red & white trekking poles in Domingo Baca canyon about a week ago.  If anyone finds them please contact her.  Her email and phone are published in Hikers.

17 Mar 11 - Bisti - Din-Na-Zin Overnight Trip  Bisti - Din-Na-Zin overnight trip on May 7/8 lottery. The lottery sign up went out early this month (March).  If you did not see it please contact Sue Pelletier at and she will send you the information. The deadline to sign up is 28March.

21 Feb 11 - We've Gone Live!  You can now enter just to reach the ASCHG website.

04 Feb 11 - Tuesday's Hike, 2/8/11, Canceled  Tuesday's, 2/8/11, Mano Trail hike has been canceled due to the weather.

02 Feb 11 - Saturday's hike, 2/5/11, canceled  Saturday's, 2/5/11, Rio Rancho Badlands hike has been canceled due to weather.

01 Feb 11 - Thursday's Hike, 2/3/11, Canceled  Thursday's Hike, 2/3/11, El Camino Real has been canceled due to the weather.

01 Feb 11 - 2/1/2011 Hike Canceled  Today's hike, 2/1/2011, Rio Grande Nature Center To Tingley Beach is canceled due to snow and ice.

19 Jan 11 - Schedule Display Changed  When you display a schedule, you now need to be logged in in to see the hike leaders and van drivers.

05 Jan 11 - New menu item  There is a new menu item, Snow activities.  Check it out.

09 Dec 10 - BCSC & PDSCS are in the schedule  Oops, we forgot to say that BCSC and PDSCS have been in the 2011H1 schedule for a couple of weeks..

23 Nov 10 - Registration Has Started  Welcome to all our new members!

15 Nov 10 (UD 09 Dec 10) - Partial 2011H1 Available  Most of the 2011H1 schedule is available.  BCSC and PDSCS are missing but will be done soon.

31 Oct 10 - Hikes Updated  All of the hikes have been updated over the past month.

04 Sep 10 (UD 04 Sep 10) - Tent Rocks reopened today, 4 Sep 10  Repaving of the Tent Rock's road is finished and Tent Rocks reopened today, 4 Sep 10.

01 Sep 10 - We are still testing  Don't forget we are still Beta testing.  You may get errors, strange results or see strange hikes and such.

18 Aug 10 - 2008H2 to Now Schedules Available  Schedules from 2008H2 to 2010H2 are now available.

14 Jul 10 - Whole 2010H2 Schedule Available  All of the 2010H2 schedule has been loaded.

07 Jul 10 (UD 07 Jul 10) - Beta Testing Started  Beta testing has started.  It should be slow process without problems we hope.  Major implication is that information may not be correct for hikes since we are testing adding, editing and removal of hikes

14 Jun 10 - Partial 2010H2 Schedule available  A partial schedule for 2010H2 is available.  It it missing all of LVSC and PDSC.Sat hikes and some hikes from the other Senior Centers.

20 May 10 - Site on new hosting service.  The web site is now hosted by a new hosting service.  The response time should be much shorter and the service level a lot better.

14 Apr 10 (UD 14 Apr 10) - Tent Rocks Closed  Tent Rocks will be closed from June 1 until July 31 because the road is going to be paved.

02 Apr 10 (UD 14 Apr 10) - LVFC Hike Date Changes  LVFC has changed the hike dates for their last three hikes: 4/15 -> 4/8, 5/20 -> 5/13 and 6/17 -> 6/10.  The schedule has been updated with the new dates.

29 Mar 10 - Beta Testing Started  Beta testing started today with getting some hikers to join the website. After at least ten join, Beta testing will really get going.