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Rio Grande


We invite you to come out and hike with us. Enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and deserts of New Mexico with our volunteer hike leaders and van drivers to show you the way.  We do day hikes four to six times a week, in the company of friendly fellow-hikers who are ready to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of the area.  Everyone is welcome to use this website as a resource to learn about hikes and our program.


We always need hike leaders and van drivers, both regulars and occasional substitutes.  There are many other ways for you to participate — publicity for our group, planning a picnic or event, computer and website assistance.  As you hike with us, please get to know your hike leaders, drivers, and other active members of our groups.  All these people will be happy to steer you in the right direction for volunteering, and will arrange to mentor you for leadership roles.

Please contact the administrator with your interests.

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Joining this ASCHG website allows you to log in.  You may sign up for hike notices, view hike reports, post photos, learn about flowers, and more. There is no fee for joining the website.

Before joining ASCHG, you must first become a member at any of Albuquerque’s senior centers, fitness centers, or multi-generational centers.  The cost is $20 per year, and your membership entitles you to hike with any and all the hiking groups.

Click here for a list of the centers, their addresses and phone numbers.

Your center membership number will be required when you join ASCHG.

Newcomer? Look at Our Welcome Page

Please click here to read our welcome and introduction to our hiking activities.

Bisti rocks

Hiking With Us (How To Sign Up For Hikes)

Browse the current season under the Hike Schedules tab, then click the Group Abbreviation link in left column to learn how to sign up.  Rules vary at each Senior Center and at the Fitness Centers.

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You must join a center first and have your membership number.

Special Announcement

*** Our favorite photos: we have compiled almost 200 photos taken by our hikers. See a great selection of where we go and what we see. Look under About us -> Where we hike. ***


26 Jun 19 (UD 26 Jun 19) - Old Schedule Data Deleted  Old schedule data up to 2012, 2nd half were deleted from the database as well as the corresponding hike reports. Also deleted were old inactive hikes and hike place holders not hiked since then.

21 Jun 19 (UD 21 Jun 19) - La Cueva Picnic Area Closed  From Sandia Ranger District: The La Cueva Picnic Area is closed because the road into the picnic site is damaged and creates a significant safety hazard.  A culvert washed out this spring causing the pavement around the culvert to crumble away.  Beyond the culvert, the road is washed out underneath the pavement.

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Winter Activities

See the Winter tab at the top of the screen for winter activites with the fitness centers.


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