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Albuquerque Senior Centers' Hiking Groups (ASCHG)

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If you go by a nickname rather than your first name, please enter your nickname.
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A Hiker ID must be lower case letters and/or digits and must be unique among all hikers.  Hiker Password must be lower case letters and/or digits.
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Your Member Number and Center are used for security verification which may take three to four days.  You will be notified when you have joined.
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Checking the Publish It boxes after Email Address and Phone Number makes them available to the hiking membership but not to the public. 
Check to allow email contact through this website without revealing your email address.
Emergency Contact    Emergency Phone Number  
If you are involved in an emergency situation, we need to contact someone on your behalf.  This information will be available to hike leaders, hike coordinators and administrators, but not to the membership at large. 
Van Driver Check if you have a City of Albuquerque van driver's license   Hiker Key
Van drivers are hikers who have passed the city of Albuquerque defensive driving course and have received a City of Albuquerque van driver's license.  We always need van drivers, so please check the box if you have this license.  Hiker Key is an unchangeable, automatically generated value for administrator use.

Check the types of emails you wish to get: Hike Notices   Hike changes   Hike reports  
Check the groups from which you wish to get email.  Note that PDSC has day-of-week extensions.
BCSC  Bear Canyon Senior Center
HSC  Highland Senior Center
LVSC  Los Volcanes Senior Center
LV-FIT  Los Volcanes Fitness Center
NDBMC  North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center
NDB-FIT  North Domingo Baca Fitness Center
NVSC  North Valley Senior Center
PDSC.Tue  Palo Duro Senior Center, Tuesday Hiking
PDSC.Sat  Palo Duro Senior Center, Saturday Hiking
PD-FITH  Palo Duro Fitness Center, Hiking
PD-FITHDH  Palo Duro Fitness Center, Half-Day Hiking
These check boxes indicate the type and from which groups you wish to receive email.  Occasionally, there are broadcast emails that are sent to everyone regardless of the boxes checked above.

Interests  Check all that interest you:
Birds Geology Indian ruins/petroglyphs Insects
Plants Wildlife Hike leader Hike planning
GPS Photography Exploring Van Driver
Camping Website Committee First Aid
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Camera Manufacturer  Camera Model
Check the boxes of all things that interest you.  This information is used by hike planners to provide hikes that will interest you and is available to hikers at large to find other hikers with similar interests.

Remember: it will take three to four days to be verified.